VISOTEC® Mobile 100

When it comes to safeguarding against identity misuse, public authority staff must be able to rely on their mobile verification devices. The VISOTEC® Mobile 100 device can quickly check ID cards, passports and visas and capture fingerprints in mobile operations.

Tasks and application areas

Reliable mobile ID checks on board ships, at airports, on roads and trains are particularly difficult for police, border control and customs officers. Take, for instance, cases where ID documents have to be checked and the person's identity compared with wanted lists. Bundesdruckerei has developed the VISOTEC® Mobile 100 device in order to support officers in situations like these. The device is handy, robust and resistant to dust and splashes. It also permits fast, wireless data transmission with UMTS and WLAN and is particularly suitable for mobile, outdoor use.

The device quickly and reliably checks ICAO-compliant ID documents, passports and visas. The integrated fingerprint sensor designed for official authorities also makes it possible to capture fingerprints on site.

 Features and functions

Mobile controls involving the verification of ID documents and fingerprint capturing can be carried out anywhere thanks to the VISOTEC® Mobile 100. This compact reading and verification device comes with a WLAN and 3G module for fast data transmission, an RFID smart card and MRZ reader, an integrated colour display and computer unit, as well as optional GPS and Bluetooth functionality and a colour camera.

The VISOTEC® Mobile 100 device is easy to use and can quickly check ICAO-compliant passports, ID cards and visas in ID1, ID2 and ID3 format. The swipe-through reader enables convenient reading of the MRZ data, including plausibility checks. In the case of electronic ID documents, the device displays the personal information and the facial image stored on the chip, and compares the information with data from the MRZ.

Depending on the customer-specific configuration, wanted-list databases can be accessed while on the move. This means that during mobile operations, police, border control and customs officers can rest assured that the sensitive data is given the best possible protection throughout the entire capture and verification process.

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