The CDS9 offers complete cash handling service for coin and note transactions. In a secure and rapid way the machine handles bulk coin deposits as well as bundle note deposits and withdrawals. This will give the bank, transport or retail company the optimal cash automation tool for servicing their customers or staff members.

Coin processing 

ETSC approved coin recognition unit 
Bulk coin deposits 
Coin escrow for possibility to return deposited coins 
Foreign object and debris separation 
Optional coin sorting for up to 8 denominations
Lockable coin tray 
SCAN COIN coin acceptance module and sensors 

Coin storage 

Coin vaults on wheels, up to 60,000 coins 
Multi Bag system for 6 bags 
Sorting bags or boxes for 8 denominations

Note processing

Note recognition following ECB framework
Fitness validation
Deposits/withdrawals of up to 200 notes in bundles
Note escrow for possibility to return deposited notes
Recycling of up to 4 denominations
Highest uptime on the market
8 notes/sec Note cassettes Up to 5 cassettes
Acceptance or recycling cassettes hold up to 2,500 notes each
4 separate compartments for retract, reject, overfill and counterfeit notes


Note storage: CEN IV optional GAS EX
Coin storage: 4 mm steel
Safes prepared for customer alarm systems
Anti-card trap (ACT)
Anti-skimming devices (ASD and E-ASD)
Awareness mirror
Prepared for portrait camera
Privacy filter on touch screen
Vandal resistant touch technology

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