Fast & accurate passport processing is the key requirement for seamless operation at immigration checks. RealScan-V offers unrivalled performance for high-volume processing with automatic document detection, single-step reading, tunable RFID antenna and easy lay-on type scanning. The device processes optical and graphic data from data page and reads RF chip with ICAO standard security protocols.


Window Size 135 x 90 mm (W x L)
Image Resolution 420 dpi
Illuminations White, IR, UV(Optional)
Scanning Speed < 1.5s
RF Reader ISO 14443 A/B Chip up to 848 kbps
PCSC Support
USB 2.0 High-speed (Data & Power)
Indicator Multi-Color LED
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Dimension 210 x 246 x 129.5 mm (8.27" x 9.69" x 5.10") (W x L x H)
Weight 3.7kg (8.15 lbs)
Power Supply 100 ~ 240V DC Adaptor
Operating System Windows
SDK Full SDK including DLL with demo program in different languages

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