Preču demonstrācijas stends StandAlone + UMH3 sensor

This solution is intended primarily for horizontal surfaces. The sensor displays the protected product at the optimum angle of 30 degrees. This solution ensures that products are displayed with attention to their aesthetic value, thanks to the magnet built in the base, which provides perfect positioning of products. The design of the StandAlone base has been recognised by the Institute of Industrial Design and the product was a finalist in the Good Design 2014 competition. This solution is available in stand-alone and systemic versions.

Arming: automatic

Alarm: acoustic and visual

Protection status: backlight of a selected colour visible in the base and the sensor communicates the status of the product's protection

Additional features:

  • The protected piece of equipment can be charged, using a microUSB link with an additional alarm.
  • The replaceable elements of the protected piece of equipment (UMS) can be additionally protected.

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