PIN kodu kalkulators GO 3

"The touch of a button" encapsulates all that busy users could want in a device that their employer requires them to use. DIGIPASS GO 3 is very small, and features a high contrast LCD display and a single button. This combination offers the ultimate in user-friendliness and high security: one push on the button and DIGIPASS GO 3 shows a unique one-time password on its LCD display.

Key Features

  • Only 10 grams in weight, including the battery
  • Size: 12,5 x 30 x 60 mm (H x W x L )
  • Display: high contrast 8-characters LCD
  • Keypad: one-button
  • Real-time clock to provide time value to DIGIPASS algorithm
  • Supported crypto algorithm: DES, 3DES and AES
  • Supported algorithms:
  • DIGIPASS event and time based
  • OATH event (HOTP) or time (TOTP) based (on demand)
  • Expected lifetime of the battery: 7 years minimum
Digipass GO3 Datasheet.pdf

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