NEXUS AM30 drošības vārti

NEXUS AM30 systems are aesthetically superior, match perfectly with your store interior and fulfill their task non-obstructively.
The NEXUS AM30 is a combined AM based 58 kHz article surveillance system, visitor counting and advertising system. It offers maximum detection of hard tags and disposable tags in challenging store environments. 
Bidirectional sensors can be integrated in the NEXUS AM30 antennas to count the number of visitors entering and leaving the store. This enables you to easily verify and adjust staff planning and optimize store performance.
In case of an alarm event, NEXUS AM30 notifies staff about the nature of that event so correct measures can be taken.
When connected to our CrossCONNECT platform, visitor numbers and alarm management information will be online available for further processing. Reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can flexibly be integrated in existing management information systems. 
Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum costs.


Anodized aluminium frame with transparent panels
Premium detection in challenging environments
Selectable notifications for different alarm types
CrossCONNECT enabled
Also available in RF technology

Optional Properties

Integrated visitor counters
Door bell
Advertising panels
Integrated metal detection


Antenna width (mm) 302
Antenna height (mm) 1.516
Antenna depth (base / profile mm 44 / 42

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