Ingenico’s unique expertise provides easy and flexible payment solutions for the self-service business. Our innovative infrastructure integrates devices, an advanced secure operating technology and a complete service management platform.

Combining iUP250, iUC 150/180 and iUP250 allows EMV Chip & PIN Transactions in your kiosks while respecting PCi 3,x certification. It is the best way to provide customer satisfaction and build up confidence.


  • Accept all payment types (EMV Chip and PIN, Contact-less, NFC, e-Wallet)
  • Ruggedized design protects against vandalism and harsh environments (IK10 certified, IP65 and IP34)
  • Easy integration and maintenance (EVA standard compliant)
  • Widely adopted Telium2 platform enabling fast payments
  • Highest security levels: PCI PTS 3.x certified
  • Low energy consumption (ISO 14001 certified)
  • All connectivity and communication options to both kiosk components and acquiring network

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