FORTUS RF40 drošības vārti

Designed for tough environments like DIY-stores and supermarkets, yet still with class and style. Meet the FORTUS RF40.

Besides an advanced article surveillance system offering the best possible detection performance, FORTUS RF40 also features integrated visitor counting, jammer detection and advertising possibilities. Additional features can easily be added through modular add-ons.

All systems from the FORTUS RF series offer remote connectivity, which enables direct insight in store and system performance. Automatically generated reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can be easily integrated into existing management information systems.

Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost.

The FORTUS RF40 has a reinforced base-frame and can be supplied with a normal base plate with two mounting holes or with an XL base plate with four additional mounting holes, which will ensure proper fixation to any floor type. The choice is yours.


Premium detection combined with maximum transparency
Selectable notifications for different alarm types
Remote service enabled, management information available
Integrated visitor counters (Optima only)
Selectable base plate
Also available in AM

 Optional Properties

Advertising panels
Additional features through add-ons


Antenna width (mm) 380
Antenna height (mm) 1587
Antenna depth (normal base / XL base / profile mm) 56 / 100 / 53

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